VDM biotransmitter at Impuls consulting

The smallest bioresonance therapy device in the world:

1. Select and start the therapy program

2. Simply plug the device into your trouser or jacket pocket!

3. Let yourself be treated and stimulate self-healing

The smallest bioresonance device on the market without direct connections to the body!

Are you a therapist or do you have health problems yourself?

You are already working with the Quantum Resonance Magnet Analyzer (QRMA) or other bioresonance devices?


 The VDM biotransmitter is a state-of-the-art therapy device and offers the opportunity to offer true bioresonance therapy without the need to purchase a device in the price range of CHF 20'000 to CHF 80'000 as well as extremely complex training and courses.


In the scope of this device is nothing in the massively more expensive devices of the competitors after.


Why was this device developed?


Bioresonance is not medically recognized. Therefore, this device is not considered a medical therapy device, but the device is attributed to the category of lifestyle devices.


However, some health insurance companies pay for bioresonance therapy when the additional insurance is taken out. This only if the therapist has an appropriate training, which has around 240 hours.


The VDM biotransmitter has now closed the gap between a QRM analysis, as is used by many therapists with their expensive bioresonance devices.

Preis und Anwendung

Very reasonably priced. Only CHF 2'500

What do you get for it:

  • Genuine bioresonance therapy device
  • Over 4000 preinstalled therapy programs
  • Immediately usable
  • No direct contact via headphones or rod sensors necessary
  • Extremely flexible
  • Just switch it on and carry it in your pocket
  • Has the size like a smartphone
  • Online course for self-study
  • Online database for looking up the programs
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The biotransmitter is currently only available in Switzerland !!!

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